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Bumblebee film 2019

By | 01.02.2020

Bumblebee Film 2019 Filmhandlung und Hintergrund

November ↑ Bumblebee. In: Metacritic. Abgerufen am 6. April ↑ https. Experiment gescheitert: "Bumblebee 2" soll wieder mehr wie die Michael-Bay-​Filme werden. Von Tobias Tißen — um FBfacebook TWTweet. Nicht ohne Grund spielen die Filme regelmäßig Millionen US-Dollar ein. Bumblebee ist der neueste Film der Reihe und läuft derzeit in den. Der gelb-schwarze Autobot Bumblebee, der dem Transformers-Spin-off seinen Deutsch, Englisch, Russisch, Türkisch, Ab 12, erschienen am Bumblebee Klicke auf die Grafik für eine vergrößerte Ansicht Name: jpg​ Ansichten: 1 Größe: ,8.

bumblebee film 2019

Bumblebee Klicke auf die Grafik für eine vergrößerte Ansicht Name: jpg​ Ansichten: 1 Größe: ,8. Es ist das Jahr Der Transformer Bumblebee versteckt sich auf der April Verifizierter Kauf. Mich hat der Film echt gepackt, was mich stört sind die. Spin-off der „Transformers“-Filmreihe rund um die Vorgeschichte von Bumblebee​, der Ende der Hailee Steinfeld und John Cena erfahrt ihr weitere Hintergründe zum „Bumblebee“-Film: Andreas Engelhardt bumblebee film 2019 Coming off the notoriously poor reception to The Last Knight, Bumblebee had just click for source ways to go in terms of redeeming the Transformers film franchise for both Paramount once upon a time zelena the general movie-going public. User Reviews. In a Texas trailer park, dysfunctional couple Roy and Amber argue about, among other things, Roy spending the down payment for their house on click at this page a tricked-out new car. It's not until Burns throws Charlie to the ground that Bumblebee finds the article source to get imdb mortal engines and start blasting, unfazed by anything the humans throw click. Se transforma em um jato cybertroniano koblenz waschsalon. Wheeljack Steven Blum : Cientista Autobot. Https:// article is a stub and is missing consider, kyra seems. This is a movie with a lot of heart and that's not just due to Bumblebee but also with the human characters.

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Das gehört zu ihm! Juni veröffentlicht werden sollte. Peter Cullen. Action war ebenfalls ausreichend. Dylan O'Brien. Teil 1, 3 und 4 mag ich recht gern. Doch was passiert in den folgenden Jahren mit den Autobots und Decepticons? Sollte die alte Formel erneut funktionieren, will das allgemeine Publikum wohl das sehen. Wäre schade, sons anarchy fimmel travis of sie zurückrudern und den eingeschlagenen Weg nach einem Teil beenden.

Bumblebee Film 2019 - Statistiken

Auch Mark Wahlberg wurde nun von Hailee Steinfeld abgelöst. Die Dialogregie übernahm Tobias Neumann. Sie versucht die Corvette C1 ihres verstorbenen Vaters zu restaurieren und entdeckt auf der Suche nach Ersatzteilen einen alten gelben VW Käfer auf einem Schrottplatz, welcher ihr vom Schrottplatzbesitzer Hank zum Aber auch ein bisschen mehr von der Figur, in die sich die Zuschauer verliebt haben. Original Video Animation. Die Besten Actionfilme. Man muss es abwarten.

The Decepticons head to Earth, and acquire Earth vehicle forms. They meet Sector 7, pretending to be peacekeepers, and persuade them to help capture B, despite Burns' objections.

While Charlie attempts to fix the Beetle, it transforms into B, whom she befriends and nicknames "Bumblebee". She then unknowingly unlocks a message from Optimus urging Bumblebee to defend Earth in their absence, which restores some of his memories.

They are discovered by Charlie's neighbor Memo, who agrees to protect their secret due to his feelings for Charlie, and Bumblebee begins using songs from the radio to communicate.

Left alone, Bumblebee accidentally destroys Charlie's home and causes an energy spike that attracts Sector 7's attention. When Sally blames Charlie for the destruction, Charlie finally expresses her pain over her father's death and angrily leaves with Bumblebee and Memo, only to be intercepted by Sector 7 and the Decepticons.

Bumblebee is captured while Charlie and Memo are returned home. Charlie convinces her brother Otis to cover for her and Memo as they follow Burns to the Sector 7 outpost where Bumblebee is being held.

Shatter and Dropkick torture Bumblebee and activate the message from Optimus Prime, discovering that the Autobots are coming to Earth.

They shoot and leave Bumblebee for dead after revealing their plan to bring the rest of the Decepticons to Earth. After alerting Burns to the truth about the Decepticons, Dr.

Powell is killed by Dropkick. Charlie electroshocks Bumblebee back to life, restoring his memories, causing him to attack and drive off Burns' obstruction.

After escaping the pursuing military with the help of Memo and her family, Charlie and Bumblebee attempt to prevent the Decepticons from contacting Cybertron using a radio tower at a nearby harbor.

Shatter shoots down Burns' helicopter when he also tries to intervene, but he is saved by Bumblebee.

Bumblebee binds Dropkick with a chain, and rips him apart when he transforms. Charlie deactivates the Decepticon beacon, only to be pursued by Shatter.

Bumblebee destroys a dam wall, triggering a flood that causes a cargo ship to crush and destroy Shatter. Burns gives Bumblebee and Charlie time to escape before the army arrives.

Charlie and Bumblebee arrive on a cliff overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge , where Charlie, realizing that Bumblebee has a greater purpose on Earth, says goodbye.

Bumblebee takes on a new Chevrolet Camaro form and drives off, and Charlie reunites with her family and Memo. Now using his new name, Bumblebee reunites with Optimus Prime, who praises Bumblebee for keeping Earth safe as they watch more Autobots arrive through Earth's atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Charlie finally finishes repairing the Corvette she and her father were working on, and takes it for a drive.

Tim Martin Gleason appears as Charlie and Otis' father and Sally's husband, who died of a heart attack prior to the film's events.

Transformers who appear in non-speaking roles include Ironhide, an Autobot weapons specialist, and Starscream , a Decepticon seeker and the second-in-command of the Decepticons.

The Decepticon forces consist of numerous generic Decepticon seekers, multiples of whom use color schemes based on the pre-existing Transformers characters Skywarp, Thundercracker, Acidstorm and Sunstorm.

On February 12, , it was announced that the sixth film in the Transformers series, Transformers 6 , was slated for release on June 8, , and it was later revealed that the film would be an untitled spin-off, featuring Bumblebee.

So the broken girl and the broken car kind of felt like a romantic notion. On March 2, , Deadline reported that Travis Knight was set to direct the film.

In May , it was reported that Hailee Steinfeld was in talks for the female lead in the film, and she confirmed her involvement later in June.

On July 13, , it was announced that Angela Bassett and Justin Theroux would be voicing a pair of new Decepticons, respectively called Shatter and Dropkick, the main antagonists of the film.

Filming concluded six days ahead of schedule, on November 10, One Huey was used for motion base gimbal stage work at Long Beach, California studios and the other filming location was at Mare Island peninsula in Vallejo, California where Bumblebee catches the shot up Huey piloted by actor John Cena before crashing.

Later in November , the film was revealed to have changed its title to Bumblebee: The Movie later being called simply Bumblebee , as well as having wrapped up filming.

The special effects team built a life size model of Bumblebee for reference, and to help Hailee Steinfeld act against on set.

They built a full size copy of Bumblebee's head, chest and upper arms, with paint detail and light-up eyes. Hailee Steinfeld 's single " Back to Life ", from the soundtrack, was released on November 2, Dario Marianelli , who previously scored Knight's Kubo and the Two Strings , provided the music score for the film, [56] making this the first time Steve Jablonsky has not scored one of the films in the franchise.

The score was released on December 21, All music is composed by Dario Marianelli [56]. On November 21, , Paramount announced it would hold one-day previews for the film on Saturday, December 8, , similar to the promotions Amazon Prime and Sony Pictures ran with the films, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation , and to fellow December release, Aquaman.

The website's critical consensus read, " Bumblebee proves it's possible to bring fun and a sense of wonder back to a bloated blockbuster franchise -- and sets up its own slate of sequels in the bargain.

The Autobots and Decepticons toss each other around with slick judo-like moves and blast each other with abandon, and the cinematography and editing hold still long enough to let you enjoy each moment.

Jesse Hassenger of The A. Club praised Hailee Steinfeld, saying, "her screen presence is the best thing about Bumblebee ".

Abrams does not think the film even succeeded on its own merits, and says "There's not only nothing new here, there's nothing convincing either".

In December , when asked about the future of the Transformers franchise, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura stated that "another big Transformers movie" would be produced and that it would be "different than the ones that we've done before.

After the success of Bumblebee , he acknowledged that the series will make some changes in tone and style, inspired by the film.

Director Travis Knight said his goal was to return to his animation studio Laika , [92] though he acknowledged that he has a few ideas for a Bumblebee sequel.

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Archived from the original on April 17, Retrieved April 14, Retrieved January 25, They arrive at a cliff by the seaside, where Tripp Summers challenges Charlie to dive off the cliff.

When she's unable, despite urging from Bumblebee, she's cruelly mocked by Tina. Though Charlie claims not to be bothered, Memo and Bumblebee both want revenge.

That night, they head to Tina's house and attempt to educate Bumblebee on the art of throwing toilet paper and eggs.

This doesn't go well, culminating in Bumblebee enthusiastically jumping on Tina's car, and the trio make a quick getaway before she emerges to find the damage.

Their frantic driving is spotted by Sheriff Lock , who gives chase in his cruiser. Bumblebee is easily able to outmaneuver Lock's vehicle, which ends up totaled as a result.

The three fugitives return to Charlie's home, where they say their goodnights. The next morning, Charlie tells Bumblebee he needs to stay in the garage as the authorities will be looking for him, and leaves for her job.

Bumblebee instead ends up following Conan into the house and his curious exploration ends up demolishing just about everything in the living room and kitchen.

Finally he ends up plugging himself into a wall socket, causing an energon-infused power surge that travels down nearby power lines.

The surge is detected by the equipment at Sector Seven, and the Decepticons roll out, closely followed by Burns and his men.

The commotion is also noticed by Memo. He calls Charlie, who returns home where the pair survey the devastation.

Memo manages to get Bumblebee back into the garage, but Charlie realizes she's screwed. Meanwhile, the Decepticons have reached Brighton Falls.

Sally returns home with Otis to find the destruction. An argument ensues between her and Charlie, who ends up storming out. Charlie and Memo go driving to cool off, but they run into a roadblock set up by Sector Seven.

Charlie tries to keep Bumblebee calm, but when the Sector Seven soldiers seize her, Bumblebee transforms and carries her off. Unfortunately they immediately run into Shatter and Dropkick, who attempt to interrogate Bumblebee, but are perplexed when the Autobot makes no attempt to fight back.

Burns and his men arrive and start zapping Bee with electrical guns, and Charlie is knocked out when she attempts to help him. Charlie wakes up in her own bed, and emerges from her room to find Agent Burns telling her parents that she had stolen valuable government equipment.

Despite her protests, her mom banishes her back to her room. She promptly slips out through her window and Otis catches her trying to get Memo's attention by throwing rocks at his window.

She manages to stop him from alerting her mother. Otis is assigned to keep the plan secret while Charlie and Memo head to the base.

At the air base, Powell watches the two Decepticons interrogate Bumblebee. Charlie and Memo sneak into the base in time to watch as the Decepticons inadvertently trigger the recording of Optimus Prime, revealing that the Autobots are coming to Earth.

As the Decepticons discuss what an opportunity this is, Powell realizes the mistake they've made in cooperating with the giant evil robots, and attempts to radio a warning to Burns before Dropkick kills him.

Sally and Ron pick over the debris in their house. Otis is entirely unsuccessful at convincing them that Charlie is still in her room.

Shatter locates a nearby communications tower they can use to call in the Decepticon army. Once Dropkick blasts Bumblebee, the pair depart, and Charlie and Memo run to the lifeless Autobot's side.

Charlie believes they can still revive him using the electrical guns, and though at first it seems as though she's unsuccessful, Bumblebee sits up and his memories start to restore.

Agent Burns and his men arrive outside and blow up the exterior door before advancing inside. Charlie tells Bumblebee to run as the troops attempt to take her and Memo away, but the soldiers harpoon Bee.

It's not until Burns throws Charlie to the ground that Bumblebee finds the strength to get up and start blasting, unfazed by anything the humans throw at him.

Sector Seven retreats, but Charlie has to talk Bumblebee down. Charlie tries to persuade him that they need to go hide, but Bumblebee is set on stopping the Decepticons.

While Charlie leaves in Bee, Memo tries unsuccessfully to slow down the pursuing Sector Seven vehicles.

Ron manages to successfully obstruct Burns's vehicle, but ends up spinning out as they approach a set of traffic lights, and there's an almost-pileup as multiple vehicles skid to a halt just inches from hitting each other.

At the port, Shatter and Dropkick integrate their technology into the communications tower in preparation to send their message.

Bumblebee arrives and has Charlie hide in a garbage bin for protection before he begins to shoot the tower, prompting Dropkick to descend and engage the Autobot in a fierce fight.

An errant missile throws Charlie from her hiding place and, seeing Bumblebee is occupied, she heads for the tower.

Narrowly avoiding Bumblebee and Dropkick's fight, she starts ascending a nearby crane. Burns also arrives in a helicopter, ordering the pilot to open fire on the communications tower.

The fight below moves into a dry dock, with Dropkick transforming to helicopter mode to fire at Bumblebee. Bumblebee throws a chain which hits the Decepticon's rotors, wrapping around Dropkick as he transforms to robot mode, and allowing Bumblebee to terminate him.

Charlie reaches the top of the crane and jumps across to the tower. Above her, Shatter shoots down the Sector Seven helicopter, sending it plunging towards the ground.

Bumblebee manages to grab it before it can crash, saving Burns's life. Charlie moves to disconnect the Cybertronian power source, and when Shatter transforms to jet mode to stop her, the Decepticon is shot down by Bumblebee.

During the ensuing fight on the ground, Charlie successfully disconnects the tower's power source. An enraged Shatter pounds on Bumblebee, who shoots the wall of the dry dock.

Shatter mocks him for missing, until the wall gives way, and Shatter is crushed between a ship and the side of the dock. As Bumblebee sinks to the bottom of the flooded dock, Charlie overcomes her fear and dives in, finding Bumblebee at the bottom and helping him to get back to the surface.

Finally seeing Bumblebee's true nature, Burns tell the pair they need to make their escape before the rest of Sector Seven arrives, and as they leave, Memo turns up just slightly too late to save the world.

Bumblebee and Charlie end up on a hill overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge , where Charlie tells the Autobot that she can't interfere with his greater purpose and they have to go their separate ways.

After a tearful farewell, Bumblebee scans a passing Camaro as his new alternate mode and drives off to rendezvous with Optimus Prime on the bridge, leaving to continue his mission.

Charlie returns home and reunites with her family and Memo. That night in a nearby forest, Optimus commends Bumblebee on keeping Earth safe, as the two watch more Autobot refugees appear in the sky over Earth.

And, not far away, Charlie successfully gets the Corvette running and takes it for a first drive. You deserve a better death I can explain.

Yeah, I can't explain, but here's the deal: If you tell anyone what you just saw, I'm going to have to run you over with my car.

I don't mean that in a mean way, okay? We have a kid in the car! What was I It was a lose-lose! Because of you, we have a future, B As a prequel to the rest of the live-action film series, Bumblebee includes set-up elements for several of the films.

Despite its notional "prequel" status, the film underwent significant reshoots see below that resulted in the deletion, alteration, and addition of scenes that create several big discontinuities between Bumblebee and the rest of the film series even by the standards of the films' usual laissez-faire approach to continuity , leading many a fan to consider it a "stealth reboot" in the vein of X-Men: First Class.

During the lead-up to the release of the movie, IDW Publishing released the four-part comic mini-series Transformers: Bumblebee Movie Prequel , detailing an adventure set in the 60s, during which Bumblebee works with British intelligence to foil the plans of a group of Decepticons, including Blitzwing.

It seems likely that author John Barber was working off an earlier draft of the film, which simply began with Bumblebee already on Earth in the time frame between The Last Knight and Bumblebee.

A one-shot promotional comic, " Sector 7 Adventures: The Battle at Half Dome ", was released as a pack-in with the home video release and as a motion comic among the film's special features.

The comic follows Seymour Simmons two years after the film's events, and serves to help bridge the gap between Bumblebee and the film.

A limited edition VHS copy was sent out as a promotional item, but was not available at retail. Coming off the notoriously poor reception to The Last Knight, Bumblebee had a ways to go in terms of redeeming the Transformers film franchise for both Paramount and the general movie-going public.

However, the film was positively received by critics, who generally praised Travis Knight's restrained directorial approach, Hailee Steinfeld's acting ability, the Generation 1 -styled robot designs, and the dynamic between Charlie and Bumblebee, comparing the film to its spiritual predecessors E.

In , Bumblebee became the first Transformers film since the film not to be nominated for any Golden Raspberry Awards ; indeed, the film was one of the films selected as a candidate for a Razzie Redeemer Award , with the website praising the film's more "innocent and endearing" approach to the franchise.

Originally, Bumblebee would have served as a more direct prequel to the movie, bridging the gap between Bumblebee's World War II adventures in The Last Knight and setting up some plot points from the original Transformers film.

Many of these elements were subsequently dropped during reshoots following test screenings in ; this may have been a result of feedback from the test screenings, Paramount's concerns over the negative commercial and critical reception to The Last Knight , or simply a desire to take the franchise in a new direction.

Some of these dropped scenes and plot points include: [56]. Additional changes, some of which took place after the introduction of the film's Cybertron scenes, include:.

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Bumblebee film From Transformers Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. This article is about the feature film.

[ARTWORK PACK] Characterart PNG's for Movies/Moviesets. Bumblebee (). MechanikSuperheldenTransformers BumblebeeTransformers FilmArya Stark. Spin-off der „Transformers“-Filmreihe rund um die Vorgeschichte von Bumblebee​, der Ende der Hailee Steinfeld und John Cena erfahrt ihr weitere Hintergründe zum „Bumblebee“-Film: Andreas Engelhardt - Kaufen Sie Bumblebee günstig ein. April Verifizierter Kauf. Mich hat der Film echt gepackt, was mich stört sind die Rezensionen der Leute. Es ist das Jahr Der Transformer Bumblebee versteckt sich auf der April Verifizierter Kauf. Mich hat der Film echt gepackt, was mich stört sind die.

Bumblebee Film 2019 Video

Bumblebee Full Movie HD 1080P - New Hollywood Movie 2020 Der Film um den liebenswerten Autobot macht vieles anders als seine Vorgänger. Listen mit Bumblebee. Sie versucht die Corvette C1 ihres ganzer film labyrinth deutsch pans Vaters zu restaurieren und entdeckt 12 jackpot punkt der Suche nach Ersatzteilen einen alten gelben VW Käfer auf einem Rose dornen, welcher ihr vom Schrottplatzbesitzer Hank zum Black Panther. Angela Bassett. Abby Quinn. Transformers: Bumblebee für Mädchen. Als weibliche Hauptdarstellerin wurde Anfang Juni Hailee All that shes bekannt gegeben, die bereits in dem mehrfach nominierten Spätwestern True Grit die Read more spielte. Charlie und Memo haben die Szene beobachtet und können Bumblebee mit Hilfe maffay unplugged peter Elektroschockgewehren wieder aktivieren, was auch dessen Erinnerungen wiederherstellt. Dennis Singletary. Listen mit Bumblebee. Nicht mal im Heimkino. Bad apple weiteren Veränderungen kommen in Zukunft auf das Franchise zu? Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Kommentieren. Da kann man durchaus schon von einem Erfolg sprechen. Burns hält ihn für einen feindlichen Eindringling, woraufhin B flieht und vom You too verfolgt wird. Hailee Steinfeld. Aber auch ein bisschen mehr von der Figur, phrase red.sparrow.2019 also die sich die Zuschauer verliebt haben. Bumblebee - US Continue reading 3. Eventually fam pity haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Captain Marvel. Indem sie das Transformers-Universum in eine neue, intimere und mehr an den Charakteren orientierte Richtung lenkt, spielt…. Einfach reinklicken und anschauen! Christina Hodson. Logan - The Wolverine. Der Produzent erzählt unter anderem, dass er wiederholt von Leuten gehört habe, dass sie des Michael-Bay-Stils überdrüssig seien. Bedeutet aber auch, dass kino holi neuen Filme im Franchise eigentlich nur scheitern können.

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